Bryan Kolstad: Boating Problems Explained

Bryan Kolstad is an experienced marine mechanic based in Maine. He’s worked as a mechanic all his life, having attended a formal training course right after completing high school. He’s grown to love the job for the opportunities it provides to work with advancing engine technology and occasionally take boats for a ride. He’s also seen it all with recreational boaters in their new vessels, and he can narrow down boating blunders to two mistakes.

Bryan Kolstad


“There’s no place for educated guesses in boating,” says Kolstad. “The depth of water isn’t something you should guess. It’s specific.”

And so are things like the speed and direction of the current. To him, a boat’s engine is running hot, or it isn’t, and you shouldn’t shouldn’t guess which way an oncoming boat intends to go.

“Guessing typically opens the door for mistakes,” he adds.


After making assumptions, keeping on the same track is one of the worst mistakes a boater can do. According to Bryan Kolstad, it’s much easier to take a pause and re-evaluate. Don’t be in a rush, because it’s better to be late than not show up at all.

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