Bryan Kolstad : Staying Safe While Riding Mopeds

Bryan Kolstad works as a marine mechanic. He enjoys working on boats and helping people get or keep their boats in good shape. Bryan Kolstad worked hard to become a marine mechanic and if you are planning on becoming one you should be prepared to do the same.


You will need to get the proper education if you want to have skills and knowledge needed to repair engines. You can take classes at a university or a community college. Some areas have special marine colleges or educations centers where all of the classes are focused on marine education. Make sure you do well in class and have a good understanding of the mechanic techniques being used.


If you are going to work as a marine mechanic, you need to become certified. When you are certified, you can work for a company or even start your own business. It some locations you must be certified in order to work as a marine mechanic. To become certified, you have to take the certification exam and pass it. Once you pass a certificate will be sent to you.


Before you start working as a marine mechanic is it important to get some experience. You can do this by shadowing another, more experienced mechanic or by completing an internship. You can also start working in a marine mechanic shop at an entry level. Even working in the office would give you an idea of what to expect when it comes time to work as a mechanic.

Open A Shop

If you become a mechanic, you have the ability to open your own shop. Not everyone wants to own their own shop and some are happy working for someone else. If you do plan on opening a shop of your own, you will need to find a good location. A place on the water is ideal. You will also need to get a business license and the equipment and tools you need to make repairs.

Build A Reputation

You want people to know that you are a good marine mechanic and you need to do good work and provide good customer service to boost your reputation. Make sure you advertise and ask customers to tell others about your services. If there are other marine mechanics in your area, you need to offer something the others don’t

If you enjoy boats and want to become a marine mechanic, there are certain things you need to do. Bryan Kolstad put in a lot of time and effort to learn the skills he needed to become a successful marine mechanic. If you want to be just as successful in the same career field, make sure keep the above information in mind.

Bryan Kolstad : Tips For Learning To Play The Tuba

Bryan Kolstad has always enjoyed music and likes to play the tuba. The tuba is a large instrument that takes a lot of practice to master. If you want to play the tuba these tips can help you learn to do so quickly. If you already know the basics of playing the tuba, use these tips to improve.

Bryan Kolstad

Get The Right Size

It is important to get a tube that is the right size for you. You need to be able to hold your tuba comfortably and also carry it around. Most people only think of the size of the tuba when they are in marching band but even if you are not going to be marching with it, you will still need to hold, transport and store it. Make sure you choose a manageable size.

Train Your Body

Playing an instrument is more demanding than most people realize and you need to train your body for it. Get used to playing it while sitting and standing. If you are going to be in marching band, you will need to get used to holding it for long periods of time and also marching with it. You will also need to get used to playing in the heat.

Practice Regularly

You will need to practice often if you want to master the tube. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to practice every day, but it should be regularly. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. When you have a plan to practice you are more likely to do so.

Record Yourself

You may think you sound good while playing, but the only way to really hear yourself is to record it. Use a recorder and play it back over and over again to see if you messed up. If you do hear something that doesn’t sound right, try to fix it. Many musicians record themselves to hear what they really sound like.

Take Lessons

If you really want to master the tuba you can take lessons. Even if you have been playing for a while, you may still benefit from taking lessons. You can find someone who is willing to help you online or even at your local music supply store. Don’t be afraid to ask your band or music teacher if they can give you some extra lessons or help on weekend or after school.

It is always fun to learn a new instrument and the tuba is very unique and interesting to play. Bryan Kolstad learned how to play the tuba as a young man and never stopped loving it. The above tips can help you become a great tuba player as well.