Bryan Kolstad – Choosing the Perfect Moped for You

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic who has many hobbies and interests outside of work. One of his favorite things to do is ride mopeds. Since he lives in Maine, mopeds can be a fun way to get between towns and see some of the beautiful countryside during the summer. Mopeds are a great investment for anyone needing an easy and simple mode of transportation that’s less expensive than a car. Here is what you should consider when choosing a moped to buy.

The first thing to consider is your budget, and whether you want a new or used scooter. Mopeds are great because they have lower gas and maintenance costs than a car, but they can still be expensive. It’s also important to remember that not all used mopeds are created equal – some are much better quality than others. Set a budget before you go to the dealership, and keep in mind that the gas and repairs on the scooter will cost you money in the long term as well.

Then, you will need to choose what size of moped you would like. They come in different engine sizes, ranging from 50cc to upwards of 250cc. The higher the engine number, the more powerful the scooter (and the more expensive it will be). Your goal should be to find a balance between performance and price. It’s important when visiting moped dealerships to take your time and evaluate what you really want out of your scooter. By making sure you get the best moped for you, you’ll be sure to have lots of fun adventures on it, like Bryan Kolstad does.