Bryan Kolstad – Golf Tips for Beginners

Bryan Kolstad is a member of the Maine State Golf Association and has played at several of the golf courses in the area. He has been playing golf for several years and enjoys playing with his friends when he is not busy working on a boat engine. Bryan Kolstad shares a couple of tips beginner golfers can use.


Many people who have never played golf before have a tendency to hold the club just as they would a baseball bat. However, that is not the right way to grip a golf club. Getting the basics right will help you become a good golfer. To grasp the golf club properly, you will need to take it in the palm of your lead hand, the one that is closest to the hole, and slide your back hand just below your lead hand. Interlock the pinkie finger of your back hand with the pointer finger of your lead hand. The thumb on your lead hand should run along the top of the grip pointing downwards, and the thumb of your back hand should run downward as well, just below the lead hand thumb.

Posture and Approach

Your posture is very important, and you will need to ensure you are comfortable. The basics of a proper posture is your knees should be slightly bent, with your upper body leaning over the ball, your feet should be at shoulder width, and your arms out in front of you. Bryan Kolstad recommends taking the time to get used to finding the right posture before you start playing golf.