Bryan Kolstad – Four Easy Clay Sculpting Projects

Bryan Kolstad has been experimenting with clay sculpting and pottery for many years now, and enjoys this creative outlet for many reasons. Although it is easy to learn and practice, there are always more techniques to try, which keeps Bryan Kolstad engaged in this fun hobby. If you are interested in starting to sculpt, there are several easy projects you can learn from books or video tutorials.

1. Pinch pots: These small pots and bowls are traditionally one of the first things that many people learn to sculpt. These pots are made by ‘pinching’ the clay into the desired shape, and take only a few steps to create. You can also embellish them by adding more detail to the pot, or adding a texture to the clay with a stamp.

2. Candle votives: These are an easy beginner project, because all it requires is making a base and four sides, and then attaching them together. Use cookie cutters or another tool to add unique cutouts to the sides.

3. Coil pots/bowls: This is another technique for creating pots and bowls that involves coiling the clay into a long rope and then shaping it accordingly. This technique can also be used to make cups.

4. Decorative flowers/leaves: There are many online tutorials for making flowers, particularly roses, just by shaping slabs of clay into leaves or petals, and then attaching them together. After you’ve mastered a bowl, this is a good next step.

These are just a few of the fun projects that you can try when starting clay sculpting. Bryan Kolstad’s home is decorated by several items he created himself.