Bryan Kolstad – Jack Of All Trades

Bryan Kolstad is a Maine-based marine mechanic with a very wide variety of hobbies. During the day, he works on boats, fixing problems, restoring old vessels, and keeping newer ones properly maintained. But in his spare time, he enjoys partaking in many different activities. One of his most favorite hobbies is playing the tuba. Bryan Kolstad has always had a passion for music, and even prefers to work with it playing in the background. He took up the tuba when he was in middle school, and found that he had a natural talent for it. Bryan Kolstad continues to play to challenge himself physically and mentally, and also to tackle new and exciting pieces of music that he enjoys.

Bryan Kolstad also enjoys spending time outside. He loves to play golf on the weekends, and has visited many of New England’s best golf courses. He enjoys golf not only as a sport, but also as a social activity, and loves playing games to spend time with his close friends. Bryan Kolstad also owns a moped, and enjoys spending time outside riding it through the streets of Portland, which are ideally sized for a small vehicle like a moped. He also visits an archery range on most weekends, where he has been practicing his shooting. Bryan Kolstad recently invested in his own bow and arrow, and is excited to continue practicing this unique sport.

Finally, Bryan Kolstad is very creative, and has a passion for clay sculpting and molding. He took a pottery class several years ago, and since then has created several pieces for his home. He is currently expanding into more abstract sculptures, and loves spending time at a local art studio.