Bryan Kolstad – Life as a Marine Mechanic

Bryan Kolstad is a professional marine mechanic based in Maine. As a marine mechanic, Bryan Kolstad works to repair and maintain the engine and other mechanical equipment on boats. Maine is a great location for this job because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Boating is a very popular recreational activity there, and boats are also used for shipping and many other commercial activities as well.

Bryan Kolstad became interested in boats at a young age. His family owned a boat, and he enjoyed fishing and sailing with his father during the summer in Maine. He was also interested in engineering and machines, and began studying the inner mechanics of boats. At the age of eighteen, he bought his first used boat, which he overhauled himself. His friends and family, realizing his talent for fixing boat problems, started recommending his services to family and friends, and he expanded his business from there.

Most marine mechanics do not receive a formal college education, and instead learn from other professionals or are self-taught. They typically enter the field soon after high school. There are many places where marine mechanics can work – they can work directly with the boats on the water, or they can work on land in any area where boats are kept, near oceans, lakes, or rivers. Although the job can be physically strenuous at times, it provides an interesting variety of work, and most marine mechanics experience consistent (but not overwhelming) amounts of business. It is for these reasons that Bryan Kolstad loves his work as a marine mechanic.